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OmniMed employee talking to a doctor


OmniMed employee talking to a doctor

We’re Experts in Case Management

At OmniMed, we specialize in Workers’ Compensation Medical and Vocational Case Management. With a long history of being on the forefront of case management, we provide instant feedback and service, covering an extensive geographic area with an array of capabilities.

Our nurse case managers and vocational specialists work with us across the state of Florida, and all are certified in their specialty. All OmniMed case managers are experienced and have impeccable credentials.

We Just Do More!

Since our inception, we have based OmniMed’s exemplary reputation on the principles of hard work, excellent case management intervention and cost efficiency. We do that by providing exceptional medical care, while keeping communication with our clients our number one priority. With many years of experience in workers’ compensation case management, our skilled staff can masterfully take on the most challenging claims. Together, our network provides telephonic and field medical/vocational case management with an excellent track record for maximal case management intervention. Our availability is in real time. Referrals are immediately acknowledged. Verbal and electronic updates are instantly provided. Our commitment is to responsive team communication to move the case forward.

At OmniMed, we are committed to excellence. We realize how stressful and challenging this claims process is- our goal is to provide the medical piece of the puzzle information promptly.

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OmniMed’s proven team of medical professionals can give you all the support you need. Services listed below are only a sampling of what we do. If there are specific requests, please contact us at once.

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Worker’s Compensation Case Management

Our case management services are unparalleled. For field, telephonic and vocational case management, we consistently provide professional service, cost containment, and proven results. All accounts are overseen by RN case supervisors.

Our unique approach to case management sets us apart. We make a personal commitment to maintain direct involvement in each case with the goal of quick rehabilitation and cost-effectiveness. We immediately develop a sound action plan, based upon strong principles and foundations of medical, nursing, and case management strategies. Facilitating a return to work is our highest priority.

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Life Care Planning and Cost Projections

OmniMed handles a wide array of catastrophic claims, including spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic and neurologic, as well as psychiatric injuries. From this experience, we have become a valuable resource for our clients when they need an expert Life Care Plan prepared. All Life Care Plans are done by Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP). OmniMed also performs cost projections within 24 hours to assist with setting reserves or settlement packages.

our employee speaking to a doctor

Peer Reviews and Independent Medical Examinations

We are able to schedule prompt and objective peer reviews for evaluation of present care. At OmniMed, we can also expeditiously schedule independent medical examinations.

OmniMed employee talking to a doctor


Founded by Sharon Dufek, RN, OmniMed has extensive experience with a variety of industries. Our accounts include some of the largest organizations in the state, including Longshore, Police and Fire, Federal, Defense Base Act and Municipalities coast to coast. OmniMed has effectively handled thousands of claims—-from catastrophic accidents to minor injuries treated in one visit at an Urgent Care Center. OmniMed understands and views each claim individually based upon the claimant, the injury, the employer, and the insurance company. As such, we are well-respected among the claims and medical community as a fair, responsive and integrated team member of the claims handling process.


Q. Why OmniMed?

Our reputation and experience! OmniMed is well known and respected in Florida for providing outstanding case management service and routinely exceeding expectations. Word of mouth has been the reason our business has consistently grown year after year. We are RN based with collective decades of immersion in the industry.

Q. What geographic areas are currently serviced by OmniMed?

OmniMed services cover the entire state of Florida.

Q. Are protocols in place to address a “stat” or immediate contact or referral?

A. OmniMed prides itself on being able to provide an immediate response, 24/7.  Incoming emails are answered promptly and are in real time sync with handheld Smart Phones. Incoming telephone calls are handled by office staff and routed to the appropriate individual at once. Timeliness in responses are critical in case management, and with OmniMed, there is never an issue.

Q. What type of experience and qualifications do the Nurses at OmniMed have?

A. All NCM’s and vocational specialists are certified by the State. All Case Managers and nurses have CRRN certifications (a national certification) and at least a minimum of five years or more experience providing case management services. This is also true for the vocational specialists with their respective certifications and designations.

Q. Does OmniMed, Inc. perform both Field (On-Site) and Telephonic Case Management?

A. At OmniMed, we are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. Prompt communication with physicians can occur through telephonic and/or field services.

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OmniMed, Inc. was founded to provide superior services in the area of Workers’ Compensation Case Management. Since 1985, we have proven our ability to exceed the expectations of Insurers, TPAs, and Municipalities. Let us complement your business with our level of expertise and experience in cost containment services within the workplace and disability market.

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